Boxhead 2Play Rooms


  • Arrow keys to move your character
  • Number keys to change weapon
  • Space Bar to shoot weapon

Box head is a fantastic survival game. There are various game modes for you to choose from, and your only task here is to survive here, fight more zombies for as long as possible, and use powerful weapons to destroy enough undead as soon as possible.

Box head’s game operations

Here you will move the direction through the direction keys. When zombies attack, you will shoot through the space bar. Number keys allow you to switch weapons.

Box head’s game content

In Box head, before entering the game today, you can choose single-mode, duplex mode, or death mode. Then go in and select the map you are fighting against. Zombies come in waves. You must attack them correctly before you can kill them. With continuous upgrading, the zombie level will rise, and the number will increase.

Box head’s game features

The red brick on the map is a guarantee that you can increase your ammunition, and it will be brushed again at a specific time. Red Zombies have a considerable damage value and will shoot fireballs, so they must be killing. There are more than ten kinds of weapons to choose from here so that you can fight better. There is an explosion box in each level, you can try to detonate it, but the premise is to protect your safety and not be affected.

Do you like to operate challenging games?  If you want to challenge, you can choose box head;  In the process of fighting zombies, you not only need to have your strategy but also must aim accurately at the reaction speed to kill all the zombies.  The same exciting worm (wormax), you need to eat food to grow up, but also need to defend the opponent’s movement, because this is a multi-player competitive game, if you do not guard against, then it may become the opponent’s belly.

Riddle school extremely tests your thinking and reaction ability. What you need to do is to help the characters escape from the school.  However, the process of surviving is not simple. It would help if you avoided all monitoring and not be discovered by the existence of any school before you can be regarded as a success of the game.  Mahjong solitaire, on the other hand, is a game that tests your powers of observation. You must click on two identical Mahjong tiles one after the other on the screen and then remove them.  The customs clearance can be completed after all of them are eliminated.

Mope io is a survival game in which the law of the jungle prevails. You must eat before you can grow and upgrade so that your opponents can not despise you.  Because if you don’t grow up, then you will become your opponent’s plate.  Compared with the former, fishdom is more comfortable to say. You can slowly design a sea world that belongs to your style, and choose a variety of fish species to create a colourful marine ecosystem.